TriArch will grow.

I've already eliminated HTML, CSS, SQL, and SiteMaps from the development picture. What's next?

Web Server

I've already found a viable answer to mod_rewrite. Once I reverse engineer mod_ssl, and write code to handle redirects, TriArch will move from cgi-script to a dedicated service, bound to ports 80, 443, and whatever special service ports the developer needs.

End-to-End Encryption

The foundation already exists to make this a reality, but I hesitate until TriArch has had significant runtime to ensure no E2E encypted databases get corrupted.

Web Caching

The statistics that I mentioned earlier for dynamic content? Just because TriArch is fast doesn't mean I completely want to eschew the tried and true method of caching.


Maybe if I'm slow enough introducing JavaScript, I'll skip right over JS and simply introduce a reflection of TriArch Server in Web Assembly for client use!


I currently use a combination of Dovecot and Postfix, which TriArch comes out the box ready to configure - I want to fully integrate mail functions into the greater TriArch ecosystem.