TriArch is dynamic *

* with a few constraints.

Fully Compiled, Full Stack

Minimal recursion, maximal inlining, proactive memory management, and fully optimized compilation are features of the basic mechanisms the interpreter relies on. There are four basic mechanisms:

JSON Decode

Designed with speed in mind, JSON Decode is tiny. The struct contains no function pointers, leveraging a union for polymorphism and a bitfield for type-safing.

JSON Refactor

Proprietary to TriArch, JSON Refactor uses trigraphs to scan the TriScript for prefix flags, expanding those with dynamic phrasing.

HTML Generate

Capable of being toggled for output buffering and pretty printing, HTML Generate was designed with compiler optimizations in mind.

CSS Generate

Being a full-stack developer, I designed this FOR the full-stack developer. Don't worry about keeping track of classNames - just write your properties directly in the JSON object corresponding to the HTML element, give it a pseudoclass (or not) and forget about it!

... other than that, the sky is the limit:

I literally wrote the language and I find out new things about it from time to time.