TriArch is efficient.

Designed with resources in mind

I built TriArch based off of the AWS micro instance I was using at the time. I wanted to move away from the ever-present paradigm of more consumption begetting more power.

Low memory usage

To mount a database of ten websites, completely refactor every page on each and then serve, TriArch only allocates 4MB of memory. Again, this is purely dynamic content - no caching enabled.

Rapid Development

The entire website is written in JSON, allowing JSON to be imported from multiple different files to build an aggregate site - its designed for parallel work. On the flip side, CSS, JS, and HTML can all be integrated into the same code base, allowing a solo developer to remain focused.


JSON is used for the database, JSON is used for the API, JSON is used for everything - a clever program can leverage this program to write collaborative projects, even allowing the end-user to contribute to the code base.


Written in C and cross-compiled for a multitude of target environments, TriArch is designed for rapid deployement. Simply run the binary and it will set up a systemd service to run on :80 & :443. Then, writing JSON objects in the database directory to you hearts content. No Apache2, no nGinx, no MySQL, no Postgres. Just JSON.


TriArch comes precompiled with RSA, BCrypt, SHA, TLS, AES-256, CRC32 & Adler32. Sensitive data is never left unencrypted, passwords are never left unhashed. (NOTE: Certain datastructures are left unencrypted for speed. It is encumbant upon the developer to ensure no personally identifiable information finds its way in those directories). See Legal for more information.